Oscar Iso-Mount®

Powerful noise reduction acoustic hangers for isolated ceilings 


The simple clip-together acoustic hanger enables quick and easy installation of isolated “floating” ceilings to significantly reduce sound transfer between floors with minimum ceiling height loss.


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exceptional soundproofing


Accomplish world-class soundproofing performance with the Oscar Iso-Mount® range of acoustic ceiling hangers. Designed to be as non-obtrusive and space-saving as possible, the Iso-Mount® effectively breaks a sound vibration’s path, providing exceptional soundproofing against unwanted airborne and impact noise.



create serene, private spaces


Easily create peaceful, quiet spaces in houses, flats, offices or shops with Iso-Mount®. When complete, the seamless design appears no different to a standard plastered ceiling.


features and benefits


Fast, easy installation
The quick and simple clip-together installation is carried out completely from the floor below, with no need to disrupt the floor above. The adjustable mounts allow for flat ceilings across uneven joists and, once complete, appear no different to a standard plaster ceiling.


Class-leading soundproofing performance 
Oscar Iso-Mount
® acoustic hangers exceed British compliance regulations Approved Document E for airborne and impact sound. They also achieved a 90-minute fire rating for the tested configuration at BRE. 



Whether needed for joists, concrete or plasterboard, or for ceilings with uneven joists, Iso-Mount’s
® three varieties make it easy to meet your project’s special demands.



Discover how to soundproof ceilings with 
Oscar Iso-Mount® acoustic hangers


"Once again thank you for your prompt response with processing our order for the additional Iso-Mounts®. The owners took us by surprise when they asked for the additional area to be done, but they have been so impressed with the results of all the acoustic ceilings that they felt they just had to have it done.”


Derrick Murphy, D&M Murphy Plastering Contractors


a variety of options


For timber joists. Type1 hangers ensure absolute minimum ceiling height loss (as little as 6mm).


For existing timber joists and concrete ceilings, with extensions available for deeper voids.


For joists through plasterboard or into concrete with height adjustment for level ceilings.


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